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    • Y-20 MODEL Automatic production line of sand table model Subway station space display model Dandong port planning model Solar energy application demonstration model The central air conditioning system display model Steel structure model Substation model Oil pipeline sand table model Power Model Semiconductor equipment  model Semiconductor equipment mockup
    • Shield machine model Electric Drive Fracturing Skid mockup Washing tower mockup MaDa and BearingAssembly mockup Drill bit mockup Shale-gas automated pad drilling rig mockup Transformer model Nuclear power system model Diesel engine model|Gas turbine model Water cooling unit model Chemical engineering equipment model Elevator system demonstration mockup
    • Polar ship Mockup 9WT Semi-submersible vessel OCEAN GOING SALVAGE TUG 33M tug model 71900T Self-discharging Ship Mockup 30萬噸VLCC 13000TEU Container Vessel Mockup 8800TUE Container Ship Mockup UNLOADING BARGE MOCKUP 120 M of natural gas cargo ship model 84,000 CBM LPG CARRIER mockup LNG ship mockup
    • Underwater vehicle model(ROV) 3D display sandbox model of marine technology equipment Lift offshore platform Jack up Rig Model Adorable exquisitely Tug Mockup semi-submersible driling & well intervention vessel Jack-up rigs mockup 90m SELF-ELEVATING UNIT Anatomy of bulk carriers Tug Mockup1×60 The new sea equipment 66
    • Yiwu airport Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
    • Machine gun model Z-20 Z-9 Z-10 Y-20 War scenes mockup Yun 20 large-scale mockup Large scale aircraft carrier of LIAONING mockup The Taiwan Strait battlefield environment simulation Scud missile The war chariot F-15 fighter
    • Dredger Gift Model Gift model of tugboat Crystal ship model Bottled model  67000 tons Bulk carrier The gift of bulk cargo ship Jinhai heavy four boats 海工平臺禮品 POSH offshore supply platform gift model 35000 boat 13000TUE gift ship 8500 boat


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